Our Approach

For more than 30 years, SpiderSmart has promoted a “whole child” learning philosophy that prepares children to succeed in school and thrive in life.

Our tutors work diligently to get to know their students inside and out so they can better help them build on their strengths and overcome weaknesses.

We don’t spoon-feed students facts and figures. Instead, our tutors challenge them to think for themselves.

With our holistic approach, your child will learn:

Critical thinkingnot rote learning

Confidencenot just competence

Problem solvingnot problem dodging

Our Process



We have 4,000+ titles to choose from, divided by grade level. With their teacher’s guidance, students pick the books they are most interested in reading.



Every assignment consists of vocabulary, reading comprehension, and an essay. Students develop critical thinking skills by learning to compose compelling essays.



Based on the teacher’s feedback, students learn by correcting their own mistakes. The teacher then reviews the revision to ensure that the writing shows improvement.

What SpiderSmart Families Are Saying

SpiderSmart doesn’t just make better students.

We help families:

  • For you, ease of mind
  • For your child, a better future

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