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Reading & Writing

Proven Effective Since 1989

At SpiderSmart, students become confident thinkers and learners. SpiderSmart offers individualized support to students of all ages in reading and writing. In our signature Reading & Writing program, students use our 3-step process to read, write, and revise. Students read a whole book from our library of 4000 titles. Then they complete the tailored assignment and express their thoughts clearly and critically in writing. Finally, students receive thorough feedback from qualified teachers and revise their essays by correcting their mistakes.


Solve Problems with Logic and Clarity

At SpiderSmart, we create a personalized math program fit to each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Our expert teachers work with elementary, middle, and high school students covering everything from basic arithmetic to calculus and beyond. Through consistent review and practice, students strengthen their computational and critical thinking math skills. Whether students are far behind or ready to move ahead in an accelerated program, SpiderSmart is ready to help students of all levels tackle math with confidence and clarity.

Current Events Workshop

Gain a Better Understanding of the World and Learn to Persuade

SpiderSmart's Current Events Workshop allows busy students to read short, yet enriching articles on today’s developments in science, economics, technology, business, history, and geography. With each assignment, students will build vocabulary, answer discussion questions, write essays, and receive the same personalized feedback SpiderSmart always offers. Students will flex their analytical and persuasive skills on the essay questions that ask them to debate various topics. Across all levels, our Current Events Workshop pushes students to become inquiring learners and independent thinkers.

Test Preparation

Sharpen Strategies and Master Concepts with Confidence

Test Preparation at SpiderSmart is the most precise approach you’ll find anywhere. Unlike most test preparation companies, our teachers do not operate from a script or follow the same set of steps when preparing each student. We know every test taker is different and deserves a concrete, individualized plan to maximize scores. Our expert teachers will work with students to pinpoint their unique strengths and weaknesses, sharpen test-taking strategies, and master material confidently and effectively.

Beginning Reading

Develop the Fundamentals of Reading from Phonics to Reading Fluency

Spider Smart’s Beginning Reading program teaches students the fundamentals of reading and phonics to prepare them to read fluently. In our pre-reading course, children will first learn how to recognize and sound out letters, eventually combining letters into words. Pre-reading then transitions seamlessly into early reading, and eventually into our Reading & Writing program. As soon as they are ready, even young learners will read one book every week.

Masterpiece Short Stories

Analyze Literary Texts with Insight and Appreciation

Students will read from our collection of classic and contemporary literature ranging from the 19th to the 21st century. Masterpiece Short Stories teach middle and high school students to explore literary devices and the greater themes behind them. Through close readings of the text, students will develop thoughtful arguments and hone their literary analysis skills.

Public Speaking and Debate

Craft Compelling Arguments and Speak with Confidence

SpiderSmart Public Speaking and Debate students craft compelling arguments and speak with confidence. Students will learn essential public speaking skills for debate, presentations, and speech competitions. Through consistent practice and constructive feedback, students will learn to reason with eloquence and ease. SpiderSmart strives to create a supportive environment in which students can express their ideas with clarity, logic, and persuasion.

Subject Tutoring

Get Full Support from Expert Teachers

At SpiderSmart, students get full support from our expert teachers. Our teachers cover each subject or skill with the same personalized attention and meaningful interaction that we use to make all our courses engaging. Our teachers create a tailored program that addresses each student’s academic weaknesses and learning goals. We provide assistance in specialized subjects, including biology, chemistry, physics, world history, civics, and foreign languages. Our teachers are true mentors and help students improve grades, test performance, and overall confidence.

Wisdom Kids

Relate and Apply Lessons from Reading to Real Life

At SpiderSmart, we believe in educating the "whole child." A tenet of this approach is teaching our students how to become good citizens. We know that there is more to reading than literal comprehension and scanning for answers. Stories are rich in meaning and often teach valuable life lessons. SpiderSmart Wisdom Kids classes teach students to dig deeper into stories to find the less obvious message the author is trying to convey. Students will reflect in writing and participate in follow-up discussion to relate important values to their own lives.

Real Teachers Real Support

Our teachers are experts in all areas of their respective subjects, intensively trained in the SpiderSmart approach, and continually mentored to ensure our students enjoy their high-quality educational experiences at SpiderSmart, each and every time.


My son started the SpiderSmart program in second grade. At that time, he was a reluctant reader. It was a struggle in the beginning. Gradually, through this program, he has become a book lover. He is now in fifth grade. He is an avid reader. He always has a book in his hand. Sometimes, it is hard to make him stop reading.
- Eric C.'s Mom
My English teachers at SpiderSmart not only helped me with my assignments, but they also inspired me to love learning inside and outside of the classroom. Thanks to their effective and interesting lessons, I realized the value of knowing how to read and write.
- Nancy Wang, Senior at Clements High School C.
SpiderSmart Learning Center has consistently been about growth and meeting individualized needs. Throughout my years of teaching at SpiderSmart, I saw students master reading and writing skills in an environment that is supportive and task-oriented.