Wisdom Kids

Relate and Apply Lessons from Reading to Real Life

Holistic Education

We at SpiderSmart believe in educating the "whole child." A tenet of this approach is teaching our students how to become good citizens. We know that there is more to reading than literal comprehension and scanning for information needed to complete an assignment or pass a test. Stories are rich in meaning and often teach valuable life lessons.

Our new Wisdom Kids classes are designed not only to teach our students to dig deeper into stories to find the less obvious message the author is trying to convey, but also to guide the students as they learn about important values.

Reading to Reflect

By teaching reading this way, our students can get more from what they read. Each book chosen for the program has a specific value associated with it. Our goal is to have the students understand the value and how it can be applied in their lives. Because we are asking them to develop a new, ethics-driven type of reading comprehension, students in grades 1-4 will benefit most from this program.

The answers to the questions contained in the corresponding assignments will not be obvious. Students will have to think more deeply about the story, about the value they are studying and how it is demonstrated. Then they will be asked to relate it to their own experiences. After the assignment is completed, a follow-up discussion will give students a chance to voice what they have learned.


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