SpiderSmart Difference

All Students are Unique and Their Differences Should Be Embraced


We believe the scale for success varies for every child. We foster autonomy and a strong work ethic in our students. By developing a skill set that goes beyond short-term goals, we build academic confidence that will be applicable to students' future tasks, assignments, and, more importantly, their life experiences.


Every center is warm and designed to make students feel comfortable while learning. Our classrooms are equipped with computers for our students and a library of more than 4,000 available books. SpiderSmart centers are safe spaces where any student, at any level, can grow into a confident learner.


At SpiderSmart, our teachers go beyond tutoring. They build upon strengths, help overcome weaknesses, and, above all, instill a sense of intellectual independence in our students. With an emphasis on planning, organization, and critical thinking, our teachers guide students to discover the inspiration that will spark their education.


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