Our Vision

We envision a world in which every child is taught to think independently, strive for knowledge, and live intentionally with empathy and caring.

For 30 years, SpiderSmart has promoted a 'whole child' learning philosophy that prepares children to succeed in school and thrive in life. Our curriculum helps students to achieve both of these goals because it is designed to not only maximize academic achievement, but also instill confidence, respect for the greater world, and a lifelong love of learning. Reading is fundamental in learning—which is why our entire curriculum is based on this tenet. We are committed to creating curricula that inspire students to learn and believe that reading and learning go hand-in-hand. With over 4,000 books from a variety of genres in our library, every student can find a book that interests them.

Strive for Knowledge

Hard work not only helps students learn, but it also teaches students how to learn. With a tailorable curriculum and small teacher-to-student ratios, we are able to teach students strategies that are most beneficial for their style of learning. At SpiderSmart, we don't just teach; we mentor students in learning how to learn.

Independent Thinkers

We teach students to understand concepts from the inside out. SpiderSmart students don't just study concepts; they apply them through real-world examples, critical essays, and in-depth discussions with teachers. They work through complex information until it truly makes sense. We help students think independently, critically, and deeply about everything they learn at SpiderSmart, making them stronger students and better prepared in life.

Empathy & Understanding

Reading stimulates imagination and fosters curiosity about a variety of experiences. Through reading, students become more empathetic toward characters' unique struggles. Students learn to care for people and the world around them because they are moved by every book they read. Lifelong learners understand, empathize, and connect with a global world.


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