Invest in your future and community by opening your own SpiderSmart Learning Center

  • Leverage your passion for customer service and education
  • Be your own boss and set your own schedule
  • Empower students to think and learn the SpiderSmart Way
  • Make a positive impact on the lives of children and their families
  • Embark on a rewarding next step on your journey

Ready for Success

Supporting your venture is our priority. We fully train you to use SpiderSmart’s curricula and software. Additionally, we assist you on the basics of center management, including hiring teachers and scheduling students.

  • A protected franchise territory
  • Proven programs developed, tested, and refined over 30 years
  • Collection of 10,000+ lessons spanning multiple subjects
  • Adaptable curricula for students pre-K to high school
  • New curricula added every month
  • Our administrative portal that supports all SpiderSmart programs
  • Our support team ready to answer your questions
  • Comprehensive training, including a franchise manual and operations toolkits

What Sets SpiderSmart Apart?

We differ from large tutoring franchises and home tutoring. Large companies rely heavily on self-learning, whereas home tutoring tends to be largely teacher-driven.

The SpiderSmart Way strikes a balance of individualized instruction and independent discovery . Our time-tested 3-step process promotes real improvement and long-term retention. Reading, writing, and then revising make learning an active process.

SpiderSmart franchisees promote a whole child learning philosophy to foster growth inside and outside of the classroom by:

  • Forming genuine connections with their students by knowing their unique strengths and weaknesses
  • Giving students the individualized attention that they deserve
  • Helping students gain the confidence to think and discover on their own
“I know a lot of people who work, and they can’t wait to leave, and they can’t wait for the weekend. I don’t feel that way—I love being at SpiderSmart and I still feel that way after all these years.”Jessica Lincoln
Director of SpiderSmart Ashburn

Join Our Family

You would make an ideal SpiderSmart Franchisee if you:

SpiderSmart franchisees promote a whole child learning philosophy to foster growth inside and outside of the classroom by:

  • Have a passion for customer service and education
  • Can build, maintain, and deepen your relationships with students and parents
  • Care about each and every child and family
  • Are willing to uphold the SpiderSmart brand in all aspects of your business
  • Want to commit yourself to a standard of excellence in educational services and client interactions

Directors are spider smart; like Charlotte they emulate a true and loyal heart.

In the classic children’s book Charlotte’s Web, Charlotte writes words and phrases on her web that end up saving her friend Wilbur’s life. At SpiderSmart, we believe good writing can do that. More importantly, we want to emulate Charlotte’s “true and loyal” heart. Just like Charlotte, SpiderSmart centers are warm, caring, and always ready to help.


The investment, as stated in our Franchise Disclosure Document, is as low as $79,900 and ranges up to $136,400. The total investment will vary depending on your geographic location and includes your franchise fee, start-up expenses, and other one-time costs. For more details start a conversation with one of our team members.

While teaching experience can be helpful, it is not required for becoming a SpiderSmart Franchisee. Our franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds, but they share a passion for customer service and helping children and families in their communities.

Yes! We have over 30 years of experience and know what kinds of locations facilitate successful SpiderSmart centers. Our team will help you navigate the real estate process, evaluate potential sites, and support you as you set up your center.

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