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It isn’t enough to be able to read. College-bound students must demonstrate they truly understand the full meaning of a text by studying its structure, diction, syntax, subtext, allusions to other texts, and more.

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Step one is knowing the content.



Students read excerpts of the texts to develop their understanding of the many styles, themes, and purposes in the spectrum of literature recommended by the College Board.



Students complete an assignment for each excerpt composed of vocabulary and reading comprehension questions, as well as an analytical essay.



Students receive detailed feedback from our teachers, revise the essay based on the comments, and resubmit their essay for final review.

Step two is knowing the test.

Our SAT100 Tests focus on the two primary question types that appear on every SAT: word-in-context vocabulary and evidence questions based on a variety of scholarly texts.

Students engage in these preparatory, multiple-choice tests and review the results with extensive explanations and feedback from teachers. With practice, students become experts on the primary question types used on every SAT and learn to navigate university-level texts with ease and speed.

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