About the CogAT/NNAT

The Cognitive Abilities Test and the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test are standardized tests used to assess the reasoning ability of students K-12. There are 10 CogAT levels which correspond to students' age levels. The CogAT contains three sections: verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal. These sections can be administered together or separately depending on the school's needs. Students generally have 30-45 minutes to complete each section. NNAT questions consist of shapes and symbols with few instructions required. There are seven NNAT levels that correspond to a range of grade levels. The NNAT includes four types of questions: Pattern Completion, Reasoning by Analogy, Serial Reasoning, and Spatial Visualization. Students have 30 minutes to complete 48 questions. Since the majority of content in both tests is nonverbal, these tests are useful for testing students that are non-native English speakers.


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